Night Hike with Australian Opal

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The Night Hike pendants capture a magical time in my life.  In my 20's and 30's I had a love affair with Blackwater forest in Northwest Florida.  I spent nearly every spare moment of my time roaming that forest.  I would often get off from work on a friday evening rush home, grab a bite, my dog, load my camping gear and hit the road to drive nearly two hours away to spend my weekend in my favorite place.  I would find myself sometimes hiking in at midnight or later.  I knew that forest like the back of my hand so I could hike it day or night.  I knew it so well in fact that I could hike it at night without a light.  You'd be surprised how well you can see by starlight or moonlight as opposed to flashlight vision, even under the canopy of trees.  With a flashlight your vision was restricted to the beam of artificial light, but when you let the moon and stars illuminate your path you can see so much more of the forest.  I miss those days... and these pieces are a remembrance of those magical hikes under the moonlight.  

This starry little night hike dream of a pendant was made with sterling silver - every layer was cut out by hand, every tree and star textured strike by strike of my hand and hammer.  A 14k gold moon hovers in the starry sky and an Australian opal accent rests below my feet - or are they yours?  Have you also experienced a magical night hike?  If not I invite you to live vicariously though me with this beautiful pendant.

This pendant hang on an 18" chain and it is ready to ship.