Sailing Ship Pendant Necklace Treasure Keeper Hidden Treasure Sterling Silver 14k Gold Memorial Pendant

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A serene scene of a sailing ship on clm waters with full sails against a starlit sky with a 14k gold moon hanging high above - but it's more than that! This unique pendant is a treasure keeper. I love that it looks a little bit like a pirate ship sailing the seas and it contains a place to keep a hidden treasure. This treasure keeper pendant contains a smidge of white quartz sand from the beautiful Gulf Coast and a couple of small pieces of natural beach glass - favored treasures for beach goers. These pendants can be custom made to include a more personal treasure including memorial ashes, special momentos of a loved one (for instance a square of your beloved sailors navy uniform) a lock of a loved one's hair, etc. Whatever you can imagine, if it's small enough to fit (or can be made small enough to fit) it can be sealed forever inside the pendant to be worn close to your heart. Just contact the seller to discuss customizing the treasure you want to hide within This pendant comes on an 18" chain. You may request chains of a different length but please note there will be an upcharge for longer chains. Send the seller a private message to discuss changes to chain length.